Christian Education


Programming for Children and Youth

Children & Youth Church
From September through May, the morning worship includes A Time for Children & Youth, which presents a mini-sermon for young people. At approximately 10:45 a.m., the children and youth retire to Children & Youth Church to prepare and present their own worship service in their own worship space.

Vacation Bible School
In June, children in grades K through 12 participate for five evenings in Vacation Bible School, a schedule of fun and spiritual activities centered around a special theme.

Each year, youth in grades 6 to 12 are eligible to participate in a Confirmation Class preparing them for the responsibilities and rewards of membership in The United Methodist Church.


For more information about youth ministries at Grace,
please call the church at 302-655-8847.


Adult Education Programs

Regular, ongoing programs include:

  • An Adult Christian Education Class that meets Sundays from September through May at 9:30 a.m.
  • Disciple Bible studies in the evening or on weekends

Periodic short-term classes and programs include:

  • Special series in Adult Christian Education A
  • After-church events following Sunday morning worship
  • sharing/learning groups during Advent and Lent that meet prior to or following Wednesday night prayer services.

For more information about Adult Christian Education
at Grace, please call the church at 302-655-8847.


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