Welcome from Grace Church

Welcome to the Grace United Methodist Church website! Please explore it as you have the time and do ask questions! If you want to participate in some or all of what we offer, please feel free to do so.

Grace Church is an urban church set in West Center City, Wilmington, Delaware. It began 150 years ago as a mission outpost for Sunday Schools. One purpose of Sunday schools in the late 1800s was to offer an experience of grace and teach children how to read.

Involved in all sorts of missions to the community, including Sojourners, Friendship House, food pantries, Neighborhood House, Emmanuel Dining Room, and others, Grace Church continues its original mission through an ongoing collaboration with a local elementary school, Stubbs Elementary, in which members of the church connect with the school weekly. In each of these ways in which the church seeks to serve the community, there is always room for you to become an active participant! These are done, not for personal glory, or even to bring glory to Grace Church; but so that the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ will be shared and relationships will be formed!

Worship is on Sunday morning at 10:25 a.m. Each week there is a theme that is lifted up in a thoughtful message of the day and inspirational music of soloists and choirs. The Christian calendar is followed.

Small group opportunities are available in which you can meet with others who are trying to figure out what God’s love means for them, and how this love leads them to worship and serve in their homes, as the church, in the city and beyond!

Grace Church includes persons from all walks of life which enhances the feeling that we are all a part of God’s kingdom here on earth!

Come and join us! Together with God we can figure out life!


Reverend Anne Pruett-Barnett, Senior Pastor  
Dr. Neil Harmon, Director of Music   
Diane Olin White, Director of Community Building & Programming Ministries 
Edwin Brown, Head of Maintenance   
Al Johnson, Custodian     
Cindy Thompson, Parish Coordinator  
Karen Miller, Deaf Ministries Coordinator                            
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